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I am a Quality Engineer at Adobe Systems working on the BlazeDS and LiveCycle Data Services products. I know a little bit about some things and more than a little about other things having to do with Adobe technologies and products such as BlazeDS, LCDS, Flex, and the Flash player. I have also spent a lot of time maintaining build and test automation systems, developing test frameworks and performing load and scalability testing. I'm hoping to share some of my knowledges and experiences in these areas with anyone who might also be interested in such *boring* stuff.

The ADEP Post

Looking for help with the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform or individual technologies that are a part of it. . . like Data Services? Then check out the The ADEP Post! From the introduction: The ADEP Post is a human-moderated aggregator … Continue reading

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Register Now for ADEP Data Services Sessions @ Adobe MAX 2011

If you’re going to Adobe MAX 2011, be sure to register ASAP for these sessions hosted by Data Services engineers and architects, as space is limited: Discover What’s new in ADEP Experience Services – Data Services with Tom Jordahl: … Continue reading

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Quick and dirty Edge server configuration for LCDS

Setting up an LCDS Edge server can sometimes seem a bit daunting but there really isn’t all that much to it To illustrate this point, I’ll show you how to setup the lcds-samples web application from one LCDS 3.1 turnkey … Continue reading

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Disabling Session Re-Writing in BlazeDS and LCDS

Session re-writing is the practice of adding the session identifier to the HTTP request URL instead of passing the session identifier as a session cookie. Session re-writing is usually used when cookies have been disabled on the client. It is … Continue reading

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Free HTTP debugger utility with built in AMF support.

When debugging BlazeDS/LCDS customer issues it’s often helpful to have a capture log of the traffic sent between the client and the server. Because the traffic is usually binary AMF and not plain text a tool that can decode AMF … Continue reading

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Avoiding duplicate session detected errors in LCDS (and BlazeDS)

There are a number of situations where you might have more than one FlexClient in a LCDS application. For example, if you loaded two LCDS apps into a parent application as sub apps, each LCDS app would have its own … Continue reading

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